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We are a small but focused hot rod fabrication and construction shop that places tremendous importance on design, engineering, fit, finish and details. We are inspired by the diverse history and tradition that hot rodding is built upon, and often draw upon the past to create revolutionary examples of modern, rolling artwork. We have always believed that understanding the past can be the key to the future, and make an effort to show respect for where we’ve been as a collective group of automotive enthusiasts, while embracing artistic license and technology in our builds.
With an outstanding record of trend-setting projects and award-winning cars, we look to the future with great expectations. Currently, we’re re-creating some of history’s most significant race cars, so that future generations may be inspired by the past, and apply their own interpretations, continuing to build upon the foundation laid by so many great builders before us. Webb Automotive Art is unique in our approach, and diverse in our projects. From new and late-model image and design exercises for the SEMA Show, to advanced display elements for Ford Motor Company’s many trade show exhibits, we enjoy the challenges presented in each project, and hope that you’ll see that enthusiasm shine through when you see one of our creations on display.
We hope that you’ll enjoy your visit, and stop back in often for event coverage and appearances, project updates, news and more!

A Reverence for History

About Us

Dedicated to Everything Automotive at the early age of 13, after school and weekends, Dan started working at a body shop that mainly restored classic Ferraris. The youngest member of a talented Italian Team of automobile perfectionists with an average age over 60 years old, these guys taught Dan the craft of making parts from scratch using only hand tools.  After high school Dan went to work at an Oldsmobile dealership learning the craft of painting.  At the age of 14 Dan bought his first car — a 1932 Ford 5 window coupe that was then naturally modified to his own liking. In the late 70’s at the age of 25 Dan opened his own shop, painting Ferraris, and Top fuel Funny cars and dragsters. But Dan’s first love in cars has always been the ’32 Ford.  Soon Dan started building small parts and pieces and before long he was building complete chassis and bodies for numerous hot rod projects.  In 1990 Dan won the Ridler Award at Detroit Autorama with a handmade 32 roadster. Dan has won numerous awards with his project and has received a great amount of magazine coverage.  He also won the Eyes on Design (Best Example of Workmanship and Craftsmanship) in the first year they allowed hot rods to be exhibited.  In addition, Dan won on two separate occasions won top awards at the Meadowbrook Concourse De’Elegance with Ferraris he had personally restored. In 1996 Dan started doing SEMA Show project vehicles.  He received twelve design awards from Ford Motor Company. Dan is known in the automotive industry for his great attention to detail and trendsetting ideas. Dan is currently building more hot rod projects but has been recently creating display elements for Ford Motor Company for the auto shows around the world.

ashley bio pic
Photo courtesy of Tim Sutton- Hop Up Magazine
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Photo courtesy of John Jackson- NotStock Photography

Ashley was born into the automotive industry spending time at her father’s shop learning different skills and attending hot rod shows around the nation. When it was time for Ashley to have a hot rod to call her own her father and her sat down with Thom Taylor and created the car of her dreams. Ashley had a lot of say in the building and designing stages, and was able to spend a lot of time with her father working on the car together. Ashley was the first woman to compete for “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” in the Grand National Roadster show, and was the first female-owned car featured on the cover of Rodders Journal, but she readily admits that she really doesn’t care about the awards. “Growing up in the car scene, going to shows is more about seeing old friends, and meeting new people than about winning awards,” Ashley explains. “What I really love are the people and relationships that have developed.” She admits that it is funny when an old friend of her dad calls up, and mentions how grown up she now is. She has known these people all of her life! She has friends that remember her being carted around in little wagons, and riding around on her hot rod tricycle. Nowdays, instead of being pulled along at car shows, Ashley has taken over the marketing and merchandising side of Dan Webb’s company, including apparel. High fashion has always been of interest to her, and she sees a gap in the market for cool shirts for car gals. So, in addition to the apparel she creates for her dad’s place, she is also coming out with her own line. Ashley graduated from Northwood University with her business degree in Business Administration with a major in marketing and management, and is enjoying some free time to dedicate to her ideas. In addition to apparel, Ashley has her own automotive inspired vintage purse line made out of old car parts. Ashley loves the automotive industry, attending car shows and going on hot rod treks with her husband Cory.

Latest Blogs/News

  • April 25, 2016

    1932 3w Build Thread – Freshening Up

    We’re way overdue for a blog, and I hope to get better at posting more often! Dan’s been on the hunt for a nice 3w for a while now and …

  • April 21, 2016

    Godspeed to Phil Remington

    After having the Phil Remington modified at the Grand National Roadster two weeks before (where Phil was praised and respected by many), we found out sad news that Phil passed …

  • October 11, 2012

    Small Art…

    We first got to meet Mike Schoss and his wife Robin back in July in the GoodGuys show in Columbus, Ohio. Mike walked up to us and asked us …

Tees Prints and More

  • April 25, 2016

    Golden Sub Print

    Black and white pencil drawing print by Thom Taylor of The Golden Submarine. 12x18 in size and printed on canvas mat. $10.00 plus shipping and handling

  • April 25, 2016

    Modified/3W Tee

    Designed by Jeff Norwell with Webb script on the front, featuring The Phil Remington Modified and Webb 3W Coupe. $20.00 plus shipping and handling. To purchase, contact us at …

  • April 25, 2016

    Wedge/Golden Sub Tee

    Designed by Jeff Norwell with Webb script on the front, featuring Wedge roadster and Golden Sub on the back. $20.00 plus shipping and handling. To purchase, contact us at …

  • April 25, 2016

    Roadster/Tudor Tee

    Designed by Jeff Norwell with Webb script on the front, featuring Tudor and roadster design on the back. $20.00 plus shipping and handling To purchase, contact us at info@webbautomotiveart.com to ensure …

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