1932 Ford Roadster

1932 Ford Roadster

About this project

1932 Ford Roadster

Owned by Darryl and Terri Hollenbeck

The Hollenbeck 32 was a collaboration of many friends and a road proven car that won 2016 Americas Most Beautiful Roadster, with nearly 10,000 miles on the odometer.


1932 Ford Roadster-Reproduction steel body by Brookville Roadster

Brookville reproduction steel grille shell and insert, lowered ½-inch – By Taulbert and Webb

Rootlieb four-piece 25-louver hood pie cut to meet grille shell – By Taulbert and Webb

Stock style windshield, leaned back 10-degrees, frame chopped three inches with stations chopped 3-3/8 inches – By Taulbert

1936 DeSoto Airflow door handles

Limeworks deck lid handle and trim

Guide headlights

1932 Ford four-cylinder headlight bar, modified By Taulbert

1937 Chrysler Imperial taillights mounted to 1950 Pontiac By Taulbert

Metalwork by Cory Taulbert

Paint and bodywork by Darryl Hollenbeck, Vintage Color Studio


Starting with Darryl’s So- Cal chassis he had purchased, Cory Taulbert and Dan Webb cut all the crossmembers out and began anew. Dan fabricated a flat front crossmember, while the center crossmember was replaced with a 1940 Ford X-Member and an original Model A piece was installed at the rear. The spindles are original 1939 Ford, and a 1934 Ford wishbone was split with customs bungs made by Taulbert. The rear frame horns were raised up ¾-inch to close the gap between the top of the fuel tank and the bottom of the body.  The rear suspension consists of a split ’40 Ford wishbone, and a torque arm built from a ’46 Ford wishbone.  Custom shock mounts in both the front and rear round up the suspension, with a custom exhaust by Cory Taulbert. Chassis fabrication by Cory Taulbert and Dan Webb.


Upholstery by Sid Chavers Co.

Brookville reproduction steel dash with dual custom glove boxes and extended for gauge panel – By Dan Webb

Stewart Warner 2-1/16-inch oil pressure, water temp, amp, gas gauge, 5″ Police speedometer – Restored By Chris Schlaff

Custom 1935 steering drop and modified Model A Ford shift lever – By Cory Taulbert

Bop Top by Sid Chavers Co.

Front Suspension:

1932 Ford axle, original dropped by Greg Haynes, Anson Dropped Axles

1939 Ford original spindles

1934 Ford Wishbones split with Taulbert bungs

Eaton tranverse spring

So-Cal Speed Shop tube shocks

So-Cal F-1-style shorty upper shock mounts, custom made lower mounts – By Taulbert and Webb

Rear Suspension:

Rodsville quickchange centersection

Rearend built by Hot Rod Work

1940 Ford axle bells

1940 Ford split wishbone – By Taulbert and Webb

1940 Ford wishbone converted to torque are – By Taulbert and Webb


1939 Lincoln-style drum brakes, M-T Products

Front Wheels and Tires:

16X4- inch early Ford Steel wheels

5.00/5.25-16-inch Coker reproduction Firestone bias-ply tires

Rear Wheels and Tires:

18X4-1/2 inch Milk Truck aluminum wheels

7.00-18-inch Coker reproduction Firestone bias-ply tires


Edelbrock 350cid 380 hp smallblock Chevrolet crate engine

Powemaster PowerGen Alternator

Rams horn exhaust manifolds

Borg Warner T5 five-speed manual transmission by Astro Performance

Driveshaft by Dynotech


Final assembly and coatings – Bill Ganahl, Joe Compani, Ryan Campi, Jack Stratton, Brandon Flanner, Donny Welch, Tony Parker, Mike Wenger

Wiring – Cory Taulbert

For more information and pictures on this build pick up Number 69 of Rodder’s Journal, Street Rodder Magazine May 2016 or Volume 11 No 2 of Hop Up, for full features

Photos courtesy of Scott Killeen, Rodney Yamaski, Eric Geisert