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Golden Sub

Golden Sub

About this project

The Golden Sub

The original Golden Sub was debuted in 1917, it required almost twelve months to complete, and would cost $15,000. The car looked like a little egg, but was like nothing else on the track. With the original car the body was cut off due to the heat inside being the exhaust ran through the inside of the car. The car was then lost in a fire in the Joliet, IL area. This car has so much amazing racing history, anyone wanting some wonderful racing and engineering stories read about Harry Miller.

Modern Interpretation by Dan Webb/ Webb Automotive Art

Designed by: Thom Taylor

Front Wheels: 18’X5’Cross Laced Dayton Wire Wheels

Front Tires: 4.75/ 5.00- 18 80V Coker Excelsior Racing tires

Rear Wheels: 20’x5′ Cross Laced Dayton Wire wheels
 narrowed by Webb Automotive Art

Rear Tires: 6.00/6.50-20 94V Coker Excelsior Racing tires

Motor: Ford Racing Scream Crate Focus Motor

Transmission: In-and-out box machined from billet aluminum

Springs: Custom made springs by Eaton Detroit Spring

Chassis: inner structure, machine work and miscellaneous fabrication work by Webb Automotive Art

Body: by Craig Naff-.063 3003H13 aluminum body, TiG welded frame and body


Being this is a complete handmade car, please pick up issue Number Forty Five of Rodder’s Journal for a complete feature

Photos courtesy of Neil Nissing


Date:  September 4, 2013
Tags:  Dan Webb, golden sub, miller