1932 3w Build Thread – Freshening Up

April 25, 2016

We’re way overdue for a blog, and I hope to get better at posting more often!

Dan’s been on the hunt for a nice 3w for a while now and finally pulled the trigger on this one. It’s a pretty original car, sans a black lacquer paint job (unknown when) and a ’36 engine. Overall, the car is complete and extremely nice….and a well preserved time capsule. Dan isn’t planning to change the car much, with plans to make a period hot rod out of it (nothing destructive).

we disassembled the car some (nothing that hasn’t been done to it in the past) to mainly do a serious cleaning. We pulled the front fenders, hood, grill/radiator, before moving on to the engine and trans.

We both think the hardest part of this car will be the exhaust. To make it easier, we set his engine/trans in a chassis I bought last year. While I’m doing the suspension work on the car, Dan is going to be building the exhaust system at his shop. We pulled some leaves out of my springs to get the car sitting at the ride height. It’s going to be much easier building the exhaust from the top side rather than lying on your back……