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So-Cal Streamliner

So-Cal Streamliner

About this project

So-Cal Streamliner Re-Creation

The Recreation of the So-Cal Streamliner

In 1946 on the day of his discharge from the Air Army Corps as a B-17 engineer, Alex Xydias, using his demob money and $100 borrowed from his mother opened the first So-Cal Speed Shop in Burbank, California.

Dean Batcherlor and Alex Xydias teamed up to develop a purpose-built streamliner based on a Model-T Ford chassis. Originally powered by a Bobby Meeks built, Edelbrock-equipped Merc V8 the liner ran a best of 193.54 at the first ever Bonneville Nationals in 1949.

The following year the car returned to Bonneville to set a record breaking speed of 210.92 mph-earning the car the title of fastest hot rod of its day. Unfortunately, in February 1951, the streamliner was destroyed in an accident while attempting to set a record at Daytona Beach.

Fast forward 60 years later, craftsman Dan Webb and Craig Naff re-created this historic race car to pay homage to their American ingenuity and Ford’s role in providing the backbone to set speed records.
Chassis by Dan Webb:

Modified 1926 Model T Frame

Custom fabricated crossmembers

Narrowed Model A front Axle and suspension

47 Ford Spindles

32 Ford wishbones, lengthened

Custom made transverse springs

Narrowed 1932 Ford Rear Axle with Halibrand V8 quick- change center section

Rear end solid mounted to frame

1932 Ford Steering box rotated 90 degrees


Engine by Mike Herman of H&H Flatheads:

59A Block, Ported and Relieved

Merc Crank

Full Race Cam

Kong Ignition

Edelbrock Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifold

Stromberg 97 Carburetors



Bellhousing cut off from original 3 speed Ford transmission, and modified to accept custom drive line coupler


Wheels & Tires:

Front Wheels – 1940 Ford 16×4” Steel Wheel

Rear Wheels – Ford high clearance “Milk Truck” 18×4” Steel Wheel

Front Tires – Firestone Deluxe Champion Ribbed 5.00-16

Rear Tires – Firestone Indy – 8.00-18



Stewart Warner Winged Gauges 8,000rpm tachometer with 90-degree tach drive

WWII ignition switch

B26 Bomber Yoke for steering wheel

WWII bomber aircraft seat and seat belt

Leather head rest by Sid Chavers

Timing Tag from original race car

Custom hand-controlled cable throttle

Custom hand-wcontrolled cable clutch

Custom hand brake lever

Braided cloth wiring and cable lacing by Cory Taulbert


Body by Craig Naff:

Hand-formed 3003H14 Aluminum body



DuPont Paint Products

Lettering by Josh Shaw


Special Thanks to:

Coker Tire

Dake Tool

Detroit Eaton Spring

DuPont Paint Products

H&H Flathead

Tracy Aitken

Josh Shaw

Alex Xydias

Ashley Taulbert

Cory Taulbert

Craig Naff

Gary Schroeder

Mike Eaton

Mike Herman

Sid Chavers

Tony Thacker


Issue number fifty-four of Rodder’s Journal for a full feature

Photos courtesy of John Jackson- NotStock Photography, Steve Coonan-Rodder’s Journal
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