About this project

Wedge Roadster

Body completely hand formed by Dan Webb and Craig Naff

Paint: Dupont

Pedal Assembly made from Chrome-moly
Steering column made from .125X 1.5 inch diameter chrome-moly tubing
CNC machined billet aluminum steering wheel
Classic Instruments custom tachometer
Aluminum bomber seats by Dan Webb
Interior by Sid Chavers

Chassis: Chrome-moly; fabrication by Dan Webb

Front suspension: Chrome-moly axle by Dan Webb
Machined Radius Rods by Dan Webb
Detroit Eaton Springs
Machined Friction Shocks

Rear Suspension:
Quickchange rear end CNC machined from Billet Aluminum by Webb Automotive Art
Floating Hubs by Webb
Strange Engineering axles
Machined Rear Friction Shocks
Radius Rods- Webb

Rear Brakes:
10.5-inch disc brakes
Chrome-moly rotors

Front Brakes:
14-inch disc brakes
Chrome-moly rotors
Strange Engineering Calipers
Strange Engineering dual inline master cylinder

Front wheels and tires:
Dayton Wire Wheels
Pirelli P Zero Corsa hand-cut tires

Rear wheels and tires:
Dayton Wire Wheels
Pirelli P Zero Corsa hand-cut tires

1988 Ford 2.3 liter engine
Headers and mufflers by Webb
Oil Pan machined by Webb
Peterson dry sump system
FAST XRP electronic fuel injection
Zaksspeed twin-cam head, rotated 180 degrees

V-shaped three core radiator made from aluminum by Webb
Dual custom electronic fans custom built by Webb
Nickel plating by Jon Wright’s Custom Chrome Plating

Photos courtesy of Eric Geisert


Date:  September 7, 2013
Tags:  one-off, roadster, SEMA, wedge